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Almost monoline, but with a gentle flare of strokes. A b "Historique (French. Yale University Press: 2006. Spiekermann, Erik (13 September 2015). The typeface shows inspiration by Nicolas Jenson, and, in the Méridien type, Frutiger's ideas of letter construction, unity, and organic form, are first expressed together. "Adrian Frutiger ( 12 September 2015. Frutiger's wood-engraved illustrations of the essay demonstrated his skill, meticulousness, and knowledge of letter forms.

site rencontre simple interlaken oberhasli

Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research. A b "Traces: Adrian Frutiger on Univers". The design failed to attract attention and was withdrawn from sale after a few years. A b c Moran, James (1968). He also created Capitalis, inspired by brush lettering but without a specific historical source. Archived from the original on Retrieved 18 September 2015. Unterseen, Canton of Bern, the son of a weaver. Retrieved 19 September 2015.

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site rencontre simple interlaken oberhasli

"Akira Kobayashi, Linotype type director". Black Dog Leventhal: 1998. It is based on the Kufi style. Retrieved 24 November 2014. An AZ of Type Designers. Bigelow, Charles (October 1988). 6 25 Frutiger edit Main article: Frutiger (typeface) Frutiger in use by the Dutch rail system In 196164, Frutiger created with André Gürtler a sans-serif font named Concorde for news use in regular and bold styles for Parisian printing company Sofratype. To maintain unity across the 21 variants, each weight and width, in roman (upright) and oblique (slanted was drawn and approved before any matrices were cut. 45 Nami, an uncial design Frutiger had been considering since 1992, followed in 2007. In 1970, Frutiger was asked to design signage at the new Charles de Gaulle Airport in the Roissy suburb of Paris.

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site rencontre simple interlaken oberhasli 25 57 Serifa (1967 a slab serif based on the Univers family. Its flared style suggests the irregularity of metal type, an approach that would become very popular in the 1990s. 72 He also designed a word mark for the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. After initially planning to train as a pastry chef, Frutiger secured an apprenticeship at the. 34 Frutiger designed a number of other signage projects in the 1970s.
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